Contract Administration

The Stenftenagel Group’s in-depth knowledge of the Owner’s requirements are conveyed and tailored accurately into the development of the Contract Documents that will specifically define the basic rights, relationships and responsibilities of all parties involved in the performance and execution of the Contract.

Our on-site presence and critical observations during construction activities, our direction during pre-installation and progress meetings, and our guidance through countless other circumstances have proven invaluable to Owners because we ensure the correct, timely execution and delivery of the Project and Contracts, proper installation of the work, and overall success of the Project.

  • Oversee and direct Project bidding and procurement
  • Oversee and document Project construction activities
  • Closely monitor Project schedule, timeline, materials delivery and proper on-site storage of materials
  • Constant collaboration with the architect, engineer, commissioning agent, balancing contractor and other consultants on issues that require clarification or additional action
  • Monitor and track all construction costs
  • Report to the school board monthly regarding construction progress, cost updates and questions pertaining to the Project
  • Public presentations to outside entities to promote and clarify the purpose of the Project and address questions pertaining to the Project
  • Review, document and track all Architectural Supplemental Instructions, Proposal Requests and Change Orders for the purpose of recommending any needed contract modifications to the school board
  • Review all construction payment applications to 1) confirm Owner is paying for work that is in-place and completed according to the percentage indicated in payment application, and 2) ensure proper retainer amount is being withheld until Project completion and acceptance