Project Closeout

From contractor mobilization to completion to contractor de-mobilization and Project closeout, Stenftenagel’s CoW Team monitors every activity, every step of the way.

During the Project Closeout phase we pay particular attention to a number of vital functions that can be easily overlooked in the busy days preceding the opening of the new facility. Our job at this point is to see that the Project is completed fully and successfully, including what will be needed to manage and maintain the facility for years to come. During Project Closeout, our team:

  • Performs and develops detailed “punch lists” of all incomplete or non-conforming work or items that require completion or correction
  • Tracks and documents all warranties for equipment, materials, devices, etc.
  • Assists Owner with development of Life Safety Plans, Emergency Safe Area plans and Fire Escape Route plans
  • Assists Owner with coordinating delivery and set-up of furniture and equipment
  • Assembles all Owner operating manuals and instructions, equipment and product warranties and contact information into binders and/or on CD
  • Coordinates all systems training with Owner’s staff
  • Sets-up and coordinates preventive maintenance service contracts and agreements

The Closeout Punch List

Prior to the final contractor payment, our CoW Team develops a detailed “punch list.”

A punch list itemizes incomplete items, non-conforming work, lack of close-out documents (such as Owner’s manuals and warranties), and any other situations that must be addressed. The CoW Team assigns a monetary value to each item on the punch list, and the dollar amount for each item is retained until each is completed to the satisfaction of the architect and CoW Team.

Once the Project is closed, our Team provides the Owner any needed additional services and assists with all activities associated with move-in and mobilization. In all Projects our CoW Team takes great pride in continuing a healthy, progressive and supportive relationships with Owners for years to come. This continuing relationship is based upon the trust and respect earned through the completion of successful Projects. The CoW Team always provides continuing support for years and years after Project completion with frequent check-ups and follow-ups.