Project Design & Development

Here is an abbreviated outline of our duties as CoW during your Project’s Design and Development phase. Please find more detailed explanations in the sections listed in the drop-down menu.

  • Selection of architect and/or engineer and consultants
  • Assessment of existing facility and site conditions, facilities uses and systems
  • Communication with Owner’s staff and administration and dissemination of information for incorporation into the Project
  • Determination of Project scope
  • Development of Project budget
  • Assembly of detailed Project time-line and/or phasing plan
  • Assist the architect /engineer with development of plans and specifications (Contract Documents), and with tailoring Contract Documents to meet and satisfy the Owner’s requirements
  • Coordinate and monitor all geotechnical testing such as soil borings and hazardous materials testing
  • Perform a “constructability review” of proposed Contract Documents and make recommendations accordingly

Establishing the Build Team
Integrating the work and experience of our CoW Team during the earliest stage of the Project is the most effective and responsible means to begin protecting the Owner’s interests and investments.

Through experience, we know the most important step toward achieving an effective, efficient construction plan is to bring the Stenftenagel Group into the Project before selecting your architect, engineer and other consultants.

From day one, our early involvement in your Project benefits all communications, planning, programming and budget development — as well as the overall efficiency and delivery of your Project.

Budget Development

The CoW Team works closely with the architect, engineer and consultants to define the Owner’s needs, set project criteria and analyze financing options.  CoWTeam’s input, collaboration and work with the Project Design Team provides us with the critical information needed to advise on high quality, energy efficient and dependable building components, materials, equipment, technology infrastructure, and systems. During this process, budget and costs are constantly monitored and adjusted, which continues to define and refine the scope of the Project.

Project Design Development
Refining the scope of work for both large and small Projects continues during the Project Design Development phase (sometimes referred to as Program Development). The Stenftenagel CoW Team is the Owner’s authorized Representative. As your Representative, we communicate with the appropriate staff, administration, public entities and design professionals for the purpose of gathering and assembling the correct information needed to ultimately define all criteria of the proposed Project, including design development, scope of work development, budget development and development of the Project time-line.

Plan and Specification Development (Contract Documents)
The development of accurate plans and construction specifications is critically important to the Project and its overall success. Our attention to detail, quality and delivery of an exceptional Project is reflected, outlined and embedded in the plans and specifications assembled and developed by the CoW and build team. Finalized Contract Documents serve as the directions and guidelines by which the Project is constructed.

Bid and Contract Procurement Development
As the Owner’s Project Representative from start to finish, we assist you in achieving the most cost-effective, optimal results possible by guiding you through the development and procurement of the bidding process. The Stenftenagel Group analyzes all bids and/or proposal results; reviews the low-bid contractor’s qualifications and past projects; contacts overseers of contractors’ previous projects to verify their past performance; and performs an in-depth review of all information received from the contractor and any proposed sub-contractors or manufacturers on the products list. Once we complete a thorough review, our CoW Team makes recommendations regarding the acceptance of contractor bids.