Quality Assurance and
Quality Control

The Stenftenagel Group closely reviews contracts, documents, facilities, systems and assemblies through our own proven Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) programs and methods. These procedures benefit the Owner by preventing unexpected costs and by improving energy efficiency, workplace amenities and comfort levels through improved, higher-quality indoor environments.

Our QA program implements procedures for guarding against defects and deficiencies that may occur before or during the construction process. The QC program is implemented on completed work to make sure all components comply with Contract Document specifications.

The Stenftenagel CoW Team also reviews and makes recommendations on durability of building components and systems as well as the performance and maintenance costs of building systems. These recommendations result in extended and improved facility lifecycle costs, comfort and efficiency.

Our QA and QC reviews complement each other and are achieved through the frequent review of plans and specifications during on-site observations of construction activities in progress and work that is in place. Stenftenagel Group holds a tight rein to ensure the proper construction and performance of facilities, systems and assemblies.

  • Review all product submittals and shop drawings for compliance with Contract Documents
  • Examine all products, materials and equipment delivered to Project site to ensure quality and determine specification compliance
  • Verify all testing in accordance with Contract Documents and maintain records of all test results and reports
  • Review all electrical, data, CCTVs and special device installation in all locations to ensure proper interface with Owner’s furniture, special equipment, wall-mounted projectors, etc.


Stenftenagel Group teams with an independent Commissioning Agent for the extended review of HVAC systems and controls – a process that is referred to as Commissioning. Commissioning is a programmed series of design, documentation and testing activities that are performed specifically to ensure that all HVAC systems and controls operate as intended. The decision to utilize a Commissioning Agent is a project-specific decision based upon the complexity and size of proposed HVAC system and controls.