Facility Management

Every school corporation invests a huge amount of capital in the equipment and systems that are the “heartbeat” of any facility. The list includes HVAC equipment, controls and systems; life safety equipment such as sprinkler systems that utilize fire alarm sensors and devices, CCTV cameras and door security devices; food service equipment; stage rigging equipment; motorized basketball goals and bleachers; and many other critical facility components. All of it requires proper ongoing maintenance, checks and servicing to allow peak efficiency day after day.

The goal of Stenftenagel Group’s CoW Team is to implement an effective facility management system and to provide all needed training and tools so that designated school staff have at their fingertips the knowledge and resources needed to efficiently manage and maintain all facility systems and equipment. Our CoW Team makes sure all facility management training is in place and that school personnel are well versed on how to track and view important information such as equipment instructions, warranties and repair history. We know you need access to all of this information to keep your facility in top condition – and that some of your operations are critical to maintaining indoor air quality and general day to day facility operations.

Five-Star TicketFive-Star Ticket Services
By Five-Star Technology Solutions

Once our CoW Team assists in setting the facility management program in place, your school district will have electronic records of all construction records, warranties and maintenance / repairs performed on your equipment including date of services, who performed the work, and all other pertinent information. These thorough, consistently-updated records will support accountability for all parties involved and help keep operations running smoothly.

To provide the framework needed to develop, improve and support exceptional educational facilities, Stenftenagel’s CoW Team utilizes a management program called “Ticket.” This user-friendly facility management software system – which originates through Five-Star Technology Solutions (www.five-startech.com) — provides proactive maintenance and repair support by creating, managing and tracking work orders, invoices and costs for ALL equipment such as HVAC needs, filter changes, electrical components, door hardware and door openers. Ticket also helps manage maintenance and repair needs for IT equipment throughout your school district including computers, printers, document cameras, projectors and wireless access devices.

Ticket services provide more consistent, predictable levels of support by integrating help desk best practices with workflow automation. This dramatically improves incident response, timeliness of change requests and problem resolution. The other benefit: Significant cost savings. 

The Stenftenagel Group is proud to be an exclusive provider and administrator of Five-Star Technology Solution’s Ticket services.The wealth of facility management experience our CoW Team brings – combined with the effectiveness of the Ticket facility management program – results in an efficient, trouble-free facility management program that is second to none.

Talk to the Stenftenagel CoW Team about the many advantages of a custom-tailored Five-Star Ticket asset management system for your facilities.