The Stenftenagel Group

Clerk of the Works

School corporations (Owners) anticipating or planning any type of building improvement or new construction should know that these Projects are laden with variables, challenges and risks that require the experience of a Clerk of the Works team.

The Stenftenagel Group Clerk of the Works (CoW) Team is truly the Owner’s Representative. We are highly experienced professionals who communicate clearly and promptly while consistently performing with integrity, honesty and complete transparency. The Stenftenagel Group CoW Team specializes in educational facilities.

“A successful Project is really all about proper communication, experience, dedication, persistence, integrity, accountability and teamwork, always with the best interest of the Project in mind. These are qualities that the Stenftenagel Group will always instill in all Projects, large or small.” – Scott Stenftenagel

It requires a great deal of experience, persistence and vigilance to protect an Owner’s investments and ensure the best interests of every Project. The Stenftenagel CoW Team brings these strengths to our clients every day.

We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss any future Projects you are considering. As you will learn by reviewing our website and Projects portfolio, the Stenftenagel CoW Team can assist and successfully lead the way on any type of Project, large or small. We have extensive experience overseeing new building construction, renovations, additions, roof replacements, HVAC upgrades, security installations, re-purposing of existing spaces, exterior athletic site improvements or a complete new campus and facilities. Our team also provides expert facility management for new or existing facilities. As your CoW Team and Project partner, the Stenftenagel Group will collaborate with your staff, assess your existing facilities, and develop an overall Master Plan that will assist in developing efficient budgets and long term planning.